The world is so big to walk it all on foot, but when you tap into the power of the internet, then its far corners come right underneath our fingertips. By looking into screens of our common electronic devices, we can get a hold of almost real-time information. We can see all that happens in different corners of the world. And when you live and work in the that is driven by the global power of internet infrastructure, email marketing becomes one of many great strategic techniques that can bring business closer to their clients.

Email marketing is a great tool to aid businesses to keep a proper follow up of their potential in order to foster a good business to client relationship. By using email marketing, businesses can stay in touch with their loyal customers, the majority of people who appreciate using certain products and services. Any business can directly promote their products or services t their potential customers.

In this article, we shall see 5 things about how to start using email marketing for the growth of your business.


By having a great email marketing strategy, you will be able to achieve great things. But if this is your first time to engage yourself in email marketing as one of many tools you use to promote your business. Therefore, it is necessary to take notice of the most important things which will enable you to attain desired success when you venture into this method of customer outreach. I think it is fair to assume that, you must have desired to engage in email marketing, so you are trying to figure out the kind of things you need to look into and understand before you start to use email marketing. And you have an email address either your personal email address or a business one. You need honest with the budget you can afford to start in this kind of business marketing, although there are a few such as MailChimp that allows you to start with a free package, having a certain budget gives a safe margin in case you need one in the future. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

There are several marketing platforms with great email capabilities which allow you to grow your subscribers’ list by writing to them different customized emails. The most popular of them are Mailjet and MailChimp. Some of these companies will give you a free count of email subscribers before you begin to pay for more features and premium support, while some of them will require to make a monthly payment of about USD 9.99/=. This is a good thing because it makes possible to taste primary platform features which have been made available for your business before you decide to spend money on its premium features. So I strongly advise you to find a platform that gives you free features to test their performance.


Now you made your choice on the platform you are going to use for running your email business campaigns. Up to this stage, you already have a budget to use or you are starting with a free subscription package on the platform. Join the platform of your choice and start exploring its resources. Also, remember to start with what is freely given before you start paying for more.

Give yourself time to earn how to navigate the platform, because people don’t become pros in a single day. Don’t rush into running a campaign without exploring almost the full potential of your marketing platform. After having some time of learning, you can proceed to the following step.


It is necessary that you know the reasons, goals, and aims of running certain campaigns in order to stay focused on all your activities. It is also necessary you know the kinds of marketing emails you can use to target different groups of people subscribing to your email list. It will be wise t know that you are not alone when it comes t using this kind of strategic marketing method, so invest your efforts to understand and be creative on your marketing campaigns as well as the look and feel of your emails templates. Don’t forget to have your own signature design when it comes to designing your own email template, from the logo design to the colors. They all must relate well with the kind of business you want to introduce to people. The simplest way to understand this marketing strategy is to consider it as a marketing strategy that can’t be successful without outreaching to your potential clients. There is a saying that reads;


The idea is; If you don’t learn how to ask for help, you may end up losing the best tools you have to grow your business


With every campaign you run, you will get a number of people subscribing to your email list. And their list count will give you a proper analysis of the kind of people who follow your business and who can potentially buy from you. You can use the subscribers’ list to do the following;

  • To understand the behaviors of your faithful subscribers.
  • To bring awareness of new products and services to all subscibers.
  • Deleting old records and creating new ones.


While it is possible to share a blog post on social media platforms, it is hardly possible to do the same with email marketing. But with a functioning website, you can link your email links to allow site members to subscribe to your email list.

I hope this article was helpful. In case you have any question or suggestions, Don’t hesitate to write them in the “comment section” below the article. Thank You.


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